Oreet Ashery (UK)

Oreet Ashery Oreet Ashery is a London based interdisciplinary visual artist, engaged in solo and collaborative practices. Ashery works across performance, still and moving image, objects, writing and facilitation to create situations that explore the relationships between politics, culture and representation. Ashery will frequently produce work as a fictional male character, those have included an orthodox Jew, an Arab and a false messiah, as well as public figures such as; Moshe Dayan, Ringo Starr and Geert Wilders. She presented herself at our Samtalekøkken   http://oreetashery.net/

Open Source Food

Open Source Food Open Source Food was initiated by André Amtoft (DK/US) and Arendse Krabbe (DK/FR) in 2010. Both work within various collaborative and interdisciplinary constellations. They engage a wide variety of media and often take a conceptual and educational approach to sociologically informed themes. For Samtalekøkkenet, April 2011, they presented their work and served a meal: http://opensourcefood.info/

Open Dialogues (UK)

Mary Paterson Mary Paterson and Rachel Louis Clapham are the writers, critics and directors of “Open Dialogues – critical writing on and as performance”. For Samtalekøkkenet February 2011, Mary Paterson presented their work and general approach to performance art: In 2014 we had Mary patterson on a residency in Denmark. She curated the “Critics & Cocktail” Symposium at Overgaden and performed with NOTA http://open-dialogues.blogspot.dk/

On Air (US/DE)

On Air On Air performed “HOTEL RADIO” 19.May 2007 at Berliner Luft 3 In a certain hotel plans were made to broadcast, from a tower on the roof of the hotel. Radio broadcasts. The name of this hotel was the Hotel Radio. Richard Foremann http://www.onairproductions.info  

Olof Olsson (S/DK)

Olof Olsson At Samtalekøkkenet Olof presented “The history of Disco” At Hitparaden 1 he presented “Driving Blues Away” where we get to follow Bill Gates’ seduction of Olof Olsson’s girlfriend at Delhi and Heathrow airports. And Bill’s life (after extensive plastic surgery) as a pig – eating juicy grass in a mountain valley, and delivering milk to Toblerone (the Swiss triangular tax-free store favourite). In addition, we get the cultural history of chocolate, cola drinks, personal computers, sanitary porcelain, and the garden of Eden. Which (surprise!) all are related to each other– and to Bill Gates. The presentation is marked by Olof’s love and fear of language, creating comedy and […]

Nielsen (DK)

Nielsen At Samtalekøkkenet, November 2010, critic Trine Ross (Politiken), gave a live review of “Funus Imaginarium”, where the artist, Claus Beck-Nielsen was declared dead and buried in a happening by “Das Beckwerk“, an institution, that ceased to exist a few months later; after 100 days of mourning. Exactly one year later, on the 17th of January 2012, the artist was resurrected and christened “Nielsen” in the former church, Nikolaj Kunsthal. He was present as an artist-reviewer at Samtalekøkkenet, December 2012, investigating live criticism as an art-form. http://nielsen.re/

Nilas Dumstrei (DK)

Nilas Dumstrei Nilas Dumstrei: Strømmed af ord – performed at Alt_Cph 13 Words come in a constant stream attempting to speak them, disregarding their meaning and history. It is like a trance, but it stems from the numb feeling, everybody knows from looking too long into a computer. Where do the words come from, from inside me? Born in Roskilde, Denmark, 1989 Graduate from  Funen Art Academy, Denmark. http://nilasdumstreiportfolio.weebly.com/

Noah Holtwiesche (DE)

Noah Holtwiesche Noah Holtwiesche lives in Vienna and works between performance art, theatre, culture studies and psychoanalysis. He is founder of Performance Art Network Vienna and member of Neue Wiener Gruppe/Lacan-Schule. Noah Holtwiesche was performing “SIGNIFYING NOTHING” 12.May 2007 at Berliner Luft 3 Videostills: Karl Stamps and Peter Sloth Madsen For Samtalekøkkenet he performed “Alibi/Alias”

Molly Haslund (DK)

Molly Haslund Molly Haslund is educated from the Royal Art Academy of Copenhagen and Glasgow School of Art (2003-2005). She works in a field between sculpture, installation and performance with reference to visual art, performing arts, variety, stand-up, litterature and music. She also performs with the groups Lone Twin Theatre (2005-2010) og Molly and Me (2007- ). For Samtalekøkkenet, November 2010, Molly Haslund performed with Gary Winters from Lone Twin theatre: For Samtalekøkkenet, May 2011, Molly Haslund performed: “I went into a Bar”: and for Live Art for Kids 2015, she presented “Spoon Ball”: www.mollyhaslund.com